NARTARCHITECTS Puts Together an Institution Located Inside a Rock Cavity

 - Jul 14, 2016
References: & designboom
To honor the famed painter Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka's passing and legacy, the design team at NARTARCHITECTS have put together a conceptual museum located inside a rock cavity as a way to immortalize the creative's work. The building is shaped like a massive cube that will house a curated exhibit about the artist's work as a painter as well as a humanitarian.

Because the museum will be located inside a crater, the building will require very specific measurements and sizing to suit the landscape. The space will be made using semi-transparent materials and an orange inner layer that will juxtapose the monotone 70-foot rock walls and turquoise waters close by. The museum's contemporary and geometric shape will reflect the post-modern themes of Kosztka's art history. Inside, the space will showcase many of the painter's work and art.Photo Credits: designboom,