Swiss QB1 Robot Reacts to Human Interaction, Recognizes Faces

 - Apr 30, 2009
References: news.cnet
In the world of cool robots, QB1 is entertaining.

The intuitive interface of the Swiss QB1 responds to your movements and can recognize your face utilizing 3D modeling sensors. A screen mounted atop the AI unit will display a shadow of your movements and react by turning to face you.

Once engaged with a human, the robot will then try to get you to spend some time with it by ‘acting’ like a disc jockey. Artificial intelligence embedded in the QB1 will try to anticipate your listening preferences. A variety of movements will control volume or music selection.

With its interactive gesture-based interface, QB1 will react to all of your movements, eliminating the need for any physical stimulus like a mouse, keyboard or joystick. At the rate that this technology is advancing, before long, your QB1 could be doing the dishes or washing the windows.