RM Rum is Encased in Beautiful Bottles that Highlight Multiple Influences

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: alexeymalina & lovelypackage
RM Rum is a scrumptious variety that, surprisingly, is a blended option that contains rums from all corners of the Caribbean before being aged in northern Italy in wooden casks of acacia, Swiss oak, and cherry.

The packaging of RM Rum goes in an interesting direction, as the designers at the Alexey Malina Studio have clearly taken more of a multidisciplinary approach. Wrapping the neck of the RM Rum bottle in twine, the designers provide the bottle with texture which translates to easier pouring and a more comfortable feeling in-hand. The limited edition RM Rum features labels that have a section for a date and a signature, which have all been filled out by the liquors' "author."