The Rivers by Ben Taylor Editorial Features Daring Pieces

 - Oct 22, 2012
The Rivers by Ben Taylor editorial captures a mischievous, playful and spirited style. Model Rivers wears designs by Brian Lichtenberg, and all these pieces are show-stoppers.

Two pieces stand out the most. The first is a leather blazer with bathroom stall graffiti print as it is an item that can continue to be the hallmark of your wardrobe for years. The other standout is a rhinestone harness. Perhaps harnesses will be okay to wear on just an average day in the future, but, until then, this piece is reserved for very specific locales, one of which is the privacy of your own home. But, when those occasions do arise, this harness will put all eyes on you.

Ben Taylor, a Brooklyn-based photographer, shot this editorial for F*cking Young Online! magazine.