This Ride Service Accessory Lets You Hail a Lift at the Push of a Button

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: yankodesign &
Brazilian designer Lucas Couto created the concept of a simple one button system for city dwellers to easily hail a nearby ride service.

The '' button and companion smartphone app is a simple and straightforward way of ordering a taxi or using a ride service such as Uber. The button uses a combination of either iBeacon technology, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to sync to your device and order you a ride to your location without having to fumble around with your smartphone.

An LED interface informs users how long the wait time is for their ride, and to make sure the button isn't pushed by accident, it has to be held down for five seconds at a time. Hold the button down for three seconds to cancel your ride, and press the button three times quickly to send a notification to an emergency contact if you feel in danger.