The Ricardo Andrez Spring/Summer 2012 Line is Ferocious

 - Feb 7, 2012
The Ricardo Andrez Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook takes a bite out of fashion and presents its contemporary designer duds in a setting that celebrates history and tradition, that is, the museum. Graphical and geometric-printed casual wear done in soft, subtle hues and monocromatics combined with edgier pieces, like a singlet, leather pants and garment with slit cutouts, give this striking collection a modern, yet refined, feel.

Perhaps it is the combination of these two style aesthetics that served as the inspiration for photographing the line in the dinosaur and nature exhibits of a museum. If you want to feel like on object on display as well, then there may be no better way to draw some attention to yourself than with some pieces featured in the Ricardo Andrez Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook.