The City of Yanji is Rewarding Good Deeds with a Redeemable Points System

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: bbc & psfk
When it comes to rewarding good deeds, the city of Yanji, China established a so-called 'morality bank.' Doing good (helping an elderly person cross the street, for example) earns citizens redeemable points.

Run by local authorities, the bank's system offers more points for acts that are decidedly more good. For instance, turning in a lost wallet awards you 50 points, where as helping someone out of a dangerous situation could earn you 300 to 500. Donating hematopoietic stem cells, on the other hand, warrants 1000. Accumulated points can be used towards a variety of services, from hair cuts to house cleaning.

Rewarding good deeds in this way has been controversial, but thus far all parties have benefited from the morality bank.