From Anti-Tech Hotel Rooms to Alcohol-Free Accommodations

 - Aug 5, 2015
These millennial travel innovations range from anti-tech hotel rooms to alcohol-free tourist excursions that promote healthy living. Niche accommodations are no longer unavailable to travelers with particular tastes but are instead embraced by aging millennials. As a result of their busy schedules and tech obsession, these consumers are relying on new ways to decompress after a busy work day.

In addition to eco resorts that rank guests' sustainable living practices, these millennial travel innovations also include digital detox retreats that let visitors disconnect from their computer or mobile device. If silence is what you're after, a meditation sanctuary is the perfect option while a fitness-focused hotel is more suited for dedicated athletes who don't want to skip the gym while abroad.

Thanks to these countless accommodation options, millennials are likely to age more gracefully than generations before them. This demographic is impressed by authenticity and responds well to travel spots that meet their niche interests.