This Hotel Blocks the Internet from Your Phone for a Digital Detox Retreat

 - Jul 1, 2015
References: villastephanie & fastcoexist
The luxury 'Villa Stéphanie' spa provides guests with a digital detox retreat by blocking all WiFi and cellular signals to their rooms. The German spa hotel prides itself on being a place where trailers can switch off and enjoy a truly therapeutic experience.

The hotel is able to block out 96 percent of wireless signals due to the fact that its walls contain an innovative copper grid. The walls help to block out all signals in communal areas, creating a peaceful and tranquil tech-free setting. However, guests do have the option to reengage with their devices in their private rooms by flipping an activation switch. According to the hotel, about half of their guests decide to maintain the tech-free environment while inside their rooms.

While a digital detox retreat may not appeal to everyone, the spa does serve as a place where guests have the option to disconnect and truly enjoy living in the moment.