The Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit Has Everything You Need to Get Back at Him

This Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit is full of all the supplies you'll need to get back at that ex who broke your heart. The kit includes a teal leather tote, pliers, rope, brass knuckles, a bottle of truth serum and a syringe, bondage tape, mini crow bar, teal balaclava and teal leather gloves.

The stealth revenge kit makes getting back at lying, cheating, and just plain lousy ex-boyfriends easy and stylish at the same time. This Ex-Boyfriend Revenge Kit is produced and distributed by Her Royal Flyness. This kit is the perfect anti-Valentine's Day gift for any girl who hates the sappy holiday or who has been through a bad break-up just before. Cheer up a glum face with this wickedly clever Ex-Boyfriend Revenge kit and have a good laugh.