Up in the Air by Marco Trunz Mixes Pilot Swagger with Retro Style

Mixing aviation with retro glamour, this editorial spread titled Up in the Air shot for Fashion Gone Rogue gives us a true sense of classic style. Shot in Cape Town, South Africa by photographer Marco Trunz, the shoot features a couple ready to take off in their plane.

Models Anastasia Yukanina and Leandro Sorice play the couple in the shoot; both show off classic retro glamour looks. With pearls, Mary Jane pumps and back-seam tights, Anastasia Yukanina epitomizes taking off in style. Not only does the shoot resemble retro glamour style, but the clothes are also vintage Chanel and Hermes.

Styled by Cally Palmer and Cristal Birch, Up in the Air illustrates true style with retro glamour fashion.