From Saturated 50s Photoshoots to Sporty Print-Heavy Editorials

 - May 26, 2012
The Andoni & Arantxa editorials perpetuate the retro theme that has been fully embraced by the fashion industry over the last couple of years thanks to hit television shows such as 'Mad Men' and 'Boardwalk Empire.' Focusing more on the '50s and '60s era, this Spanish photography duo brings a fresh perspective that complements people's contemporary sensibilities without compromising the vintage aesthetic of the photoshoots themselves.

Currently based in Italy, Andoni brings his musical past to the mix while Arantxa relies on his experience as a model. The Andoni & Arantxa editorials reflect their once divergent paths by pushing the boundaries of the craft in ways that would seem unorthodox to some. Their work is often crisply saturated and femininely glamorous.