This Restaurant Concept Imagines a Grill Just for Vegetarians

 - Jan 5, 2015
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The Hootin' Root is a restaurant concept by Derek Horn that imagines an establishment to tackle the misconceptions of a plant-based diet.

The proposed building and branding design for The Hootin' Root restaurant is dark, gritty and woodsy, providing the atmosphere of a traditional barbecue restaurant that non-meat eaters can enjoy. Items on the menu include appetizers like fried pickles, eggplant "wings," "hellapenos," asparagus fries, plus a ton of veggie burgers and BBQ sauces developed just for vegetarians. Although vegetarianism is not yet the mainstream in North America, this kind of cruelty-free restaurant is easily one that you could see popping up as a chain for its novelty and fun factor. As well as having appeal to vegetarians and vegans, it's also a great way to introduce a healthier way of eating a variety of classic barbecue favorites to meat eaters.