The Dostea Tea Creamer's Resealable Pouch Prolongs Product Freshness

 - Aug 13, 2016
References: ecolean & packworld
Dostea is a Pakistani tea creamer company that has recently overhauled its packaging thanks to a collaborative rebranding with Ecolean to sell the liquid product in resealable pouches. The cream is served in a wrapping that promotes and increases freshness, allowing the product to last longer for consumers to use.

The packaging consists of a pouch rather than a box or carton, which is what is cream is often sold in. The bags are portioned to hold 125- millilitres of product which is an ideal amount for daily portioning into cups of tea. The pouch is specifically formatted at the top to have a spout design for easy pouring that can easily be resealed. The bag is also built to have a wider bottom so it can stand upright in the fridge, but be flat-packed for disposal.