This Urban Photography Series by Renato Cerisola Evokes Movement

 - May 21, 2013
References: renatocerisola & lanciatrendvisions
Evoking a strong sense of movement, this urban image series by Renato Cerisola is displayed in the photographer's solo exhibition entitled "E-Motion: Motus Animae".

Displayed at the Spazio Tadini in Milan, this motion-enriched metropolis image series is captured using moving camera techniques and by capturing moving subjects and object. This set of illuminated city captures by Renato Cerisola translates the photographer's belief that "Nothing is static and that everything moves because the nature of things is in change".

These striking city views are captured at night and resemble impressionist paintings thanks to their display of blended light washes and unique architectural views that are captured mid-movement. Using New York city as his muse, Renato Cerisola brings his dreamlike vision to life with the movement of his photographic instrument.