The SQ38 Plano Watch Now Features a Watchband Made of Reindeer Leather

 - Nov 7, 2016
The SQ38 Plano watch by squarestreet now comes with the option of a Reindeer Leather watchband.

The Reindeer Leather is made 50 km North of the Arctic Circle, and is both beautiful and durable. The leather is tanned naturally using oak and pine bark, which means the leather is environmentally safe and retains its natural grain and beautiful color. The Reindeer Leather straps are available in black, natural, brown and dark brown.

The Plano watch itself is waterproof with a battery life of up to 42 months. The watch face is incredibly thin at just 6.7 mm, while three hands keep precise track of time. The natural look of the Reindeer Leather watchband complements the sleek and crisp design of the Plano watch.