This Artist Created Reflective Art to Brighten Up a Church

 - May 17, 2016
References: liz-west & urdesignmag
British artist Liz West, known for her vivid use of colors and lighting in her art work, has created an exceptional reflective art exhibit entitled 'Our Color Reflection' in the former St. John's Church.

The exhibit features hundreds of colored circular mirrors in various shapes and sizes, layered and stacked on top of each other on the floor. These elements are arranged to form a large rainbow effect. The multicolored display uses light to reflect colors across the room and "to transform spaces." The purpose of this exhibit is to create a "heightened sensory awareness" for those in the room and the artist has certainly accomplished this.

The reflective art on display is the perfect exhibit for all ages, capable of evoking a sense of curiosity in adults and a sense of wonder in children.