Rongjia Tao is Aiming to Reduce Fat in Sweets Using Electricity

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
Rongjia Tao is a research scientist that is working towards creating reduce fat chocolate without substituting ingredients or eliminating sugar. Instead, Tao is hoping to lower fat content through placing an electric shock through the chocolate bars. This changes the overall process of the chocolate without compromising on the flavor.

Often times chocolate is considered unhealthy because it is made with sugar and milk products that contain high quantities of fat. While there is more wholesome alternatives, they often don't retain the creamy taste or texture of milk chocolate. Tao offers a solution by adding an electric current to the chocolate-making process that chances the viscosity of the bars. The chocolate undergoes shock treatment alters the genetic make chocolate giving it a creamer texture without having to add cocoa buttter.