The Realbotix by Abyss Creations Will Talk, Text and Email

 - Jul 9, 2015
References: realdoll & psfk
The sex doll industry is going to get a lot more interactive if the Realbotix by Abyss Creations has anything to say about. And that's exactly the point. The makers of Realdolls is developing a realistic sex doll that will be able to talk, text and email people back for a truly engaging experience. Loneliness will be able to take a backseat.

Using the life-sized, silicone sex dolls the company is known for, Realbotix by Abyss Creations will be fitted with an AI-powered animatronic head that takes them to the next level. CEO Matt McMullen says, "There are so many things it could do beyond just being a sex robot. The AI would have access to the Internet, the ability to get information and give it back to you. It’ll have the ability to text message you or email you. I look at it, like, we’re building a robot that just so happens to incorporate sex."