From Copter-Cars to Robot Parkour

 - Aug 27, 2009
References: trendhunter
Copter-cars, robot parkour and deadly phone guns. Today we hunt: REAL LIFE TRANSFORMERS

10. From car to copter, the CCC Concept Car is the ultimate getaway accessory James Bond seemed to have missed out on.

9. Check out these machines that forge a personal bond between man and machine. Just strap yourself in and the machine will draw your self-portrait using your own hands. Is it just me or does this scream of that scene from "Ghost?"

8. Gundam toys are supposed to be tough-looking gun-wielding robots of death, but this little tot toy looks like it couldn’t kill someone unless it was with kindness.

7. From racing bike to cruiser in the blink of an eye, Stefan Wallmann’s Zweisti’s shape-shifting bike is what every cyclist craves. Training wheels not included.

6. Horses are so last century. Project Nomad by Jason Battserby created a tiger-like vehicle you can ride that runs on vegetation. Can Optimus Prime do that? Didn’t think so.

5. The endless debate of Mac vs. PC has apparently been solved in this video by Dan Chianelli and Nick Greenlee. This video shows an Apple kicking some PC ass Chuck Norris style.

4. This phone – gun was acquired from a mafia raid. A dangerous device to own if somebody text message breakups with you.

3.  The aptly named "Ultimate Toilet" transforms from a urinal to a regular john. This invention will have you peeing your pants with excitement.

2. In this Nike Advertisement parkour get even more awesome (if it’s even possible) with a robot scaling buildings and jumping off rooftops.

1. Everyone wants to be as pretty as Optimus Prime, now you can be with this "We are Autobots" program. Deceptacons beware…

And now for the video of the day:

Original Transformers opening sequence