These Ready-to-Eat Snack Boxes are Designed for Health-Conscious Adults

 - Nov 25, 2016
References: revolutionfoods & facebook
Revolution Foods has created a line of ready-to-eat snack boxes that will appeal to adults looking for a healthier way to curb mid-day cravings. While snacking is often associated with millennials, boomers are just as likely to reach for something sweet or salty in between meals. These snack boxes combine a variety of healthy ingredients for an adult take on prepackaged snack foods.

Unlike Lunchables and other children's snacks, Revolution Foods' Lunch Bundles are made up of healthy and flavorful ingredients that adults will enjoy. Each of the ready-to-eat snack boxes are designed to offer a nutritionally complete meal with enough protein and fiber to power consumers through their day. The single-serving sizes are also ideal for adults who do no longer have a family to feed at home and do not want to deal with leftovers from their meal.