This Pill Study Sculpture by Ray Geary Casts Tablets in Resin

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: ahalife & ahalife
Ray Geary's 'Pill Study' sculptures give medical prescriptions a new purpose. Available in three sizes, these decorative objects are made up of countless pills that are arranged in a linear composition an cast in clear resin.

Despite of its bizarre design process, the result is artful and vibrant in its aesthetic. These tablet-constructed sculptures by Ray Geary vary from the $320 to the $4000 price range and are available for purchase on aha life's web shop.

The accessories are a great doctor's office decoration and are set to appeal to modern art lovers with an appreciation for sculptural works. Whether purchased as a gift or as a unique home decor accent, these 'Pill Study' art pieces are sure to spark up conversation.