This Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water is Enhanced with Cinnamon & Clove

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: harmlessharvest & wellandgood
While it's not uncommon for raw coconut water to be enhanced with vanilla, chocolate or fruit flavors, this product from Harmless Harvest offers something new.

Coconut water's light, refreshing and hydrating properties make it an ideal summer drink, but enhancing it with seasonal ingredients gives it a greater potential to be loved year-round. But beyond just being purely novel for its flavor, the 100% Raw Coconut Water Cinnamon & Clove beverage also boasts additional benefits from these ingredients. For instance, cinnamon bark is anti-bacterial, which makes it even more enticing to try during the winter season when many people are prone to sickness.

Since real spices are added to the raw coconut water, before consuming, the brand recommends giving the bottle a good shake to combine all of the nourishing ingredients.