Rapper Tommy Cash's Fashion Line is a Commentary on Pop Culture

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: tommycashshop & vogue
Firstly, Estonian rapper Tommy Cash created his own genre of "sinister-meets-sexy 'post-Soviet rap" and now he is launching his very own streetwear collection, featuring graphics like 'Kanye East' and other details that spoof American pop culture.

Cash's line reflects Eastern European humor and is full of inside jokes that only a Slav would understand. From the 'Life of Pablo'/'Life of Pavel' mix up to the 'Why have abs when you can have kebabs' back piece, the collection follows a daring trajectory.

The two designs that stand out most are a pair of socks, sporting variations of the brand name adidas— including adimas, adidag and adidsa, as well as the aforementioned Kanye East shirt with "SeaAsOn 01 BoOtleg" on the bottom. Almost ironically, this links rapper Tommy Cash's persona to that of Kanye West himself.