The Rapisac Speeds Up Packaging for E-Commerce Deliveries

 - Apr 12, 2017
References: carltonpackaging & packagingnews
Large-scale e-commerce operations spend a sizable portion of their resources on the packaging process, and Carlton Packaging's new 'Rapisac' promises to increase the efficiency of that rote activity. The hanging mailbag system drastically increases the speed with which workers can packaging parcels for delivery, ultimately increasing a company's output and reducing the total delivery expenditure.

The Rapisac system consists of several different sizes of bags that hang from the edge of the packing area table with a patented hook and clip device. This clears space on the packing area. Workers can then fill the bags with one hand by placing the product inside while the bag is still hanging. The bags have a perforation that easily tears off the clips, and after that all workers need to do is seal the edge by peeling a sticker.

According to Carlton Packaging, Rapisacs save one hour of work per 1,000 packages, an impressive degree of efficiency for such a small adjustment to workflow.