Rage by Guy Collins Illustrates the Need to Stay Calm

 - Apr 12, 2012
References: everlastingblort & neatorama
'Rage' by Guy Collins is a hilarious animated short illustrating the importance of remaining calm and collected. The clip begins with a man trying to light his pipe only to have it extinguished by the flappings of a nearby butterfly. What ensues is a series of interconnected events that spur on angry responses which continue to escalate in severity.

From a man losing his wedding ring to a botched robbery to finally the president accidentally firing off nuclear missiles, Rage is both absurd and convincing. When something makes us angry (even if its justified) our first response is to immediately let our surroundings know of our frustration -- turning a desk or wall into the recipient of a pounding fist; however, all this ever accomplishes is an escalation in anger. If instead we counted to ten and took some slow breaths, we could maybe avoid having our planet hurled into the center of the sun.