The RadiaShield 'Belly Armor' Protects Infants from EMF Radiation

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: bellyarmor & thegadgetflow
Wireless technology has become pervasive but some consumers are seeking out forms of radiation shielding in order to limit exposure like the RadiaShield 'Belly Armor.'

Designed for expecting mothers, the RadiaShield 'Belly Armor' works by being worn over the belly to prevent EMF radiation from reaching an infant.

The RadiaShield 'Belly Armor' is crafted from high-quality textiles and is an ultra-soft accessory that will help protect against the perceived harm of radio waves.

The RadiaShield 'Belly Armor' radiation shield is one of several products available from the brand that specializes in blocking out harmful waves from reaching a person's body. Mothers can also opt for a maternity top with similar technology or, for men, boxer-brief underwear can help protect sensitive areas from radiation.