Carry a Single Bottle of Wine Anywhere with the Quiver Wine Carrier

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: fancy & thegadgetflow
Bringing a bottle of your favorite wine to a friend's house for dinner usually means awkwardly carrying it in a paper bag or shoving it into a purse, but the Quiver Wine Carrier ensures that carrying a bottle will be no less chic than it is effortless. With a merino wool felt exterior and a luxe leather inlet to hold the bottle securely in place, the Quiver Wine Carrier features a detachable strap that can be removed when it's time to pour; the insulated body of the bag can help keep the wine chilled.

The Quiver Wine Carrier features two straps for resizing the bag or for collapsing it for easy flat storage. While not recommended for half bottles, the Quiver Wine Carrier is made by hand.