The Paqui Spicy Queso Tortilla Chips Have an Authentic Flavor

 - Jul 15, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Tortilla chips are one of America's favorite snacks, so the new Paqui Spicy Queso Tortilla Chips aim to deliver a new kind of taste experience to enjoy this summer.

The new chips are made with the same ingredients as the brand's other options and are mixed with smoky, spicy and cheesy flavors in order to produce a Tex-Mex-inspired experience.

Flavor preferences are changing on an international basis as more consumers open up their interest in different recipes and tastes in order to shift outside of their usual choices. The Paqui Spicy Queso Tortilla Chips are an example of this that were explained by Brand Manager Jeff Day at Paqui who said, "We know our existing fans and people new to Paqui will love the cheese-forward flavor and subtle spice that builds as you reach into the bag for more and more."