Sony's 'Qrio' is Designed as a High-Tech Key Replacement

 - Oct 19, 2016
The Qrio Smart Lock is an invention from Sony that's being introduced as a device to update the traditional lock-and-key systems for households with a much more convenient alternative for security.

Qrio is touted as "the world's smallest smart lock," capable of being compatible with a number of old-fashioned lock systems, without the need to replace them entirely. The Qrio system simply fits over tip of an existing door lock and enables a homeowner to take control of securely opening or closing a door from their mobile devices. What's more is that through messengers like Line and Facebook, people are able to share their keys with friends and family.

The Qrio smart lock is just one of the many design-focused products that has come out of Sony's First Flight project. Others include e-ink remote controls, IoT device configurators and devices that release personal scents.