A QR Code Test by Agency YehoshuaTBWA Screens for Smart Students

 - May 22, 2013
References: kidum & springwise
In a clever campaign by marketing agency YehoshuaTBWA, a QR code test that can only be scanned by those with a sufficiently high IQ was distributed. Promoting Israel education company Kidum, the leaflets have QR codes with unfilled pieces. The only way to know which pieces to fill in is to answer every question on the corresponding page correctly. A correct QR code leads to a form for an university entrance exam prep course called Kidum 700.

Each question was formulated to be exclusively answerable by those with a high enough IQ to take Kidum's intensive prep course. Upon arriving at an answer, the leaflet directs the student to shade in the corresponding box in the QR code. The test was fairly difficult with 81 percent of candidates failing.