The ‘Qmilch’ Textile by Anke Domaske is Made from Milk

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: milkotex & fastcodesign
Most women know that milk is their friend, as calcium guards against Osteoporosis, but the ‘Qmilch’ textile by Anke Damaske gives the drink a whole new appeal.

From Casein, a protein found in milk, Damaske has spun a solid material that is usable in clothing production. The result is a smooth as silk fabric that does not need to be dry-cleaned every time a wash is in order. The durable material also serves as an alternative for those who have textile allergies. The science-educated fashion-lover brought the best two worlds together to perfect a practice once used by Germans and the Chinese in the 1930s.

The product is not yet available on a large scale, as Damaske is waiting on the establishment of a production facility capable of producing 1,000 tonnes per year.