The A-Maze-Ball Games Offer Circular Puzzles to Keep the Mind Active

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: thinkgeek & thinkgeek
For those young consumers looking to keep their minds active during downtime there is the A-Maze-Ball puzzle games that cleverly feature a 3D-dimensional design that players have to solve. The puzzle demands more attention, logic and focus as the ball hidden inside the spherical maze can move 360-degrees.

The A-Maze-Ball games are roughly the size of a fist and feature an enticing spherical design that increases the playing field from a flattened maze to a continuously moving one. Players are instructed to thread the small pin ball through the detailed maze while each slight movement sets the ball in a new direction.

The revival of classic games shows a consumer interest in nostalgic and classic toys as a way to stay mentally stimulated but disconnected from tech devices.