An Adorable Group of Scottish Terriers Rotate Around Milk Bowl

 - Jan 25, 2013
References: cuteoverload & gawker
If there’s anything out there that’s more adorable than this puppy pinwheel, I have yet to see it.

The video really doesn’t need much of an introduction. It involves puppies and said puppies doing adorable things. Give it a watch and try not to ‘squee’ in delight too much, especially if you’re surrounded by co-workers.

If you need more description, the puppy pinwheel refers to the group of puppies as they’re fed a bowl of milk. Instead of standing still to devour the delicious cow nectar, all the puppies move clockwise in nearly perfect unison as they loudly lap their tongues up to slurp up the milk. There’s no word on whether the puppies are capable of moving in a counter-clockwise direction. One thing is for sure; don’t bet against the power of a puppy pinwheel.