Ptaszarnia is a Luxuriously Creepy Interior by Karina Wiciak

 - Jan 2, 2013
Ptaszarnia is a really interesting idea for a nightclub that is vampire-themed or supernatural-inspired. Very sexy, dark and alluring, yet still luxurious and non-threatening, this nightclub concept will cater to adult fans of Twilight or True Blood. According to its creator Karina Wiciak from Wamhouse, this piece is a part of a series that will not consist of interiors made to a specific order, but designs based on the artist's own fantasies and fascinations of various sorts.

I'm hoping the new additions to the series will be as exciting and mysterious as Ptaszarnia. In the end, everyone has a little darkness inside of them, as well as a desire to party -- why not combine both a sense of luxury and refinement?