The thinkThin Protein Cakes are Low in Sugar and Packed with Protein

 - Oct 21, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The high-protein diet is continuing to gain popularity amongst many different consumer demographics looking for a way to shed pounds or prevent overeating, so brands are responding with new options like the thinkThin Protein Cakes. Containing 12 grams of protein per cake with just one gram of sugar, the cakes are gluten-free and also GMO-free which makes them suitable for those who are on alternative diets.

The thinkThin Protein Cakes come in three flavor options including Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet and Birthday cake with each one boasting a rich center cake with ample frosting-inspired outer shell. Explaining the new cakes, CEO of thinkThin, Michele Kessler, said, "Innovation in our category is so often guided by the traditional protein bar shape, and we wanted to break out of that mold. We wanted to offer a solution to bar fatigue with a unique product form and decadent flavor combinations while delivering on the nutritional profile that our consumers know and expect from us."