Project Glass by Google Launches Technology Savvy Glasses

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: & mashable
Project Glass by Google is the giant search engine firm’s latest project, glasses with an augmented reality. It’s 2012 and thank goodness the world has not come to an end or close to that, wearing outfits that resemble Star Trek characters.

The Google glasses may look a bit bizarre but its features are definitely bang-on. These sci-fiction-like shades can do just about anything a smartphone or tablet can do-without the use of your hands. With a voice command, users can instruct the glasses to schedule meetings, check the weather and find directions, which all pops up right infront of the eyes.

The promo video shows a one-person view with a perception that mixes reality and the digital world. On command, the glasses can snap photos and store information about anything and will remind you about it. It acts as a music player, phone and even features video conference calls. Futuristic indeed.