Procrastination the Musical is Funnily a Waste of Time

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: youtube & mashable
If you're trying to get back to work, Procrastination the Musical will not help. Then again, you can always watch it now and get back to work later. The funny video created by The AVByte Brothers is an office singalong about procrastination. Funnily enough, viewers who watch it are made to reflect upon themselves and to think about what better things they should be doing at the moment of viewing.

Known for several of their previous musicals, the talented group originally created the procrastination video last December, but have revamped their YouTube channel with this new edition.

So if you find yourself doing nothing at home or on the job, Procrastination the Musical is a video you should definitely have a look at. But don't stress over it, you'll watch it eventually.