Primavera Sound's 2013 'Indie Coaching' Ad Has Hipsters Being Trained

The 'Indie Coaching' commercial for Primavera Sound 2013, in collaboration with Heineken, features hipsters being trained to be genuine. Promoting the Primavera Sound Festival, the advertisement plays on the general dislike for stereotypical hipsters present in many music festival attendees.

In preparation for the Primavera Sound Festival, hipsters are coached out of their usual antics in this campaign. A stern coach inspects potential festival-goers and judges them based on their authenticity. Those judged as inauthentic are harassed and asked to leave in a schadenfreudic display for the viewer.

The commercial also outlines general rules for music festival clothing through the coach's comments. 'Indie Coaching' implies that attendees should avoid pretending to be fans of indie bands. In addition, the coach comments that "wearing the band's t-shirt to a concert is just not cool."