Prestige 'Love Comes in Many Colors' is Full of Passionate Emotions

The Prestige 'Love Comes in Many Colors' editorial explores the many desires of the heart that exist in the world. Whether that involves a strapping young man, beautiful exotic woman or a series of vibrantly hued ensembles, who is to say what will make someone happy? In this case, all of the above happen to be matters of the heart.

Shot by photographer Nicolas Guerin, the Prestige 'Love Comes in Many Colors' editorial is full of "burning passion, a deep melancholy or a remediless romance," as written by Fashionising. The photoshoot explores the connection between color and emotions. For instance, green stands for jealousy, pink for romance and red for passion. The looks were styled by Marz Atashi with makeup by Daria Slusarczyk and hair by Raphael Mariage.