The Extremely Expensive Prada Paperclip is Available for $185

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: barneys & mashable
Available from luxurious department store company Barney's New York, the seemingly simplistic Prada paperclip is an extravagant approach to a basic money clip.

Even at the whopping cost of $185 USD, the paperclip-shaped money clip looks just like you would expect -- an oversized method to keep papers together. The silver colored Prada paperclip also has its brand name embossed on the one side, so you won't confuse the money clip for other office supplies or uninteresting stationery items.

Even though some people will surely appreciate the eccentricity of such a mundane object and its introduction to the world of high end fashion, other Internet users have been less than kind about the now controversial and potentially sold out product.