The Power Rangers Dubstep Video is Mighty Morphing Magnificence

 - Oct 5, 2012
References: powerrangers & kotaku
Sure to confuse and bewilder any grandparents that happen to see it, the Power Rangers Dubstep video breathes fresh new life into the mighty morphing heroes.

Surprisingly, this break dancing, bass-blasting, two-minute video is not a fan-made project but is, in fact, completely official and features all the real actors and stunt people from Saban's Power Rangers Samurai series.

The video starts with the Power Rangers entering colorfully lit rooms wearing their civilian attire for you think might be some kind of PSA announcement. But the mood quickly changes as they morph into their super suits and immediately start busting a move to the wicked dub step remix of the Power Rangers theme song. Although all them have some pretty slick dance moves, it's the Red and Green Rangers that really cut a rug and steal the show.

If you thought the Power Rangers were cool before (which you probably didn't), just wait until get a load of the Power Rangers Dubstep video.