This Nutella Cake Features The Jar Suspended Above the Dessert

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: instructables & foodiggity
It's a Piece of Cake is a bakery that has put together a surrealist take on a chocolate cake with a tiered dessert featuring a suspended bottle of pouring chocolate spread overflowing onto the layers of cake. The tub of Nutella and the dripping spread seems to defy gravity as it is frozen in time, creating a melting aesthetic of sorts.

The detailed gravity defying chocolate decorations are made using melted chocolate and Nutella that is spread on a baking sheet and left to harden. This gives the chocolate the look that it is flowing and liquid, while it is in fact solid and can be stacked onto the cake.

The recipe to create the pouring Nutella cake can be found on It's A Piece of Cake's YouTube channel, allowing consumers to make the intricate dessert at home.