The Poua Floor Lamp by Rodrigo Lugo is Invitingly Contemporary

 - Feb 14, 2014
The Poua Floor Lamp is a combination of warm and cold. The latter is due to the materials used, which are often prevalent in sleek contemporary building designs while the former owes itself to the inspiration behind the design. Created as a reading light, the Poua Floor Lamp is meant to shed a welcoming glow in living spaces while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic.

Designed by Rodrigo Lugo, an architect and designer based in Querétaro, Mexico, the Poua Floor Lamp reinterprets Concrete Test Cylinders, which are typically used to determinate the compressive strength of the concrete. The designer reveals, "The design preserves the geometry and the natural texture of the concrete cylinder, its marks, scratches and all of the mold defects on the exterior surface." It is carried on a thin metal tripod stand.