These Savory Breakfast Cakes are Topped with Onions and Gravy

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: ohbiteit & ohbiteit
Food blogger Oh Bite It! recently created these unconventionally savory potato waffles that cleverly incorporate popular dinner dishes into a breakfast meal. The waffles are made from mashed potatoes and are topped with a decadent layer of gravy and onions for garnish.

Usually most waffles come with savory toppings and fillings opting to be more of a sweet breakfast treat. However these mashed potato and gravy waffles take a new approach to the breakfast meal by creating the popular cake out of potatoes. The mashed potato mixture is scooped directly into a waffle skillet to form the iconic wafer cakes. The maple syrup is then replaced with a rich gravy of your choosing and topped with chives rather than fruit or candied foods.