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 - Sep 4, 2013
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One effect spawned from the digital revolution that many may not have seen coming is the significant increase in wine enthusiasts across Canada. A recent article featured on Post Media's explores the impact smartphones and social media has had on wine consumption and curiosity amongst Canadians.

The article, which features trend expert and Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche, examines the ways in which the wine industry in Canada has become accessible in ways like never before, creating a market of what Wolf Blass describes as "everyday sommeliers." With over 450 wine apps for the iPhone and the iPad, an extensive range of information about wine is readily available with the swipe of a finger.

This wealth of knowledge leads to a persistently evolving market, with a variety of niche consumers and untapped opportunities. From calorie-conscious wines to celebrity-endorsed labels, the latest trends continue to be more customized and inspired. The secret to finding the next wine idea? As Jeremy puts it, "Instead of looking at a guru...look at what the power of the crowd tells [you]."

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'Everyday sommerliers' among top wine trends for Canada


"You can have a bit of knowledge, but it’s a teeny drop in the bucket… I have years of experience but I know nothing. And I know that. The industry is always changing, and always different."

Other trends identified in Wednesday’s report — commissioned to mark the 30th anniversary of Wolf Blass Yellow Label in Canada — include wine-inspired style, such as statement cellars and stylized stemware; wine-as-experience, with a focus on winecations, pairing parties and social sharing; celebrity-endorsed labels the likes of Brangelina’s rosé or Dave Matthews’ cab sauv; and calorie-conscious consumption, by way of reduced-alcohol brands — think Skinnygirl Moscato or The Skinny Vine Slim Chardonnay — and apps such as DrinkFit.