ESYM's 'Scent Pods' Reshape One's World Experiences Through Scent

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: & wellandgood
As ESYM notes that "Your sense of smell has the power to shape your experiences of the world," it creates portable aromatherapy products to help consumers tap into higher states of being while on the go.

ESYM sets itself from other producers of portable aromatherapy products by making 'Scent Pods' that are about more than just providing pleasing scents like Tenkawa Passage, Parisian Morning or CuraƧao Breeze. Inhaling these powerful scents taps into the limbic system, which ties scents to emotions and memories. In this way, using these Scent Pods helps to rebalance the brain and body during times of stress or lack of focus.

While pleasing scents are often dispersed into the air through diffusers, aromatherapy is becoming more personal with the introduction of devices for delivery to an individual, such as inhalers and jewelry pieces.