This Porous Concrete Pavement Can Absorb Up to 880 Gallons of Water

 - Sep 27, 2015
References: tarmac & dailymail
A new porous concrete designed by Tarmac will help reduce flooding and puddles in water-prone areas . 'Topmix Permeable' is a pavement that will drain water off of parking lots, streets, driveways and sidewalks -- increasing safety and decreasing costs of the damages that flooding can cause.

This porous concrete helps not only storm water developers and authorities but also homeowners who sometimes take on extreme debt from things like leaking basements or cracking walls. It will also take care of surrounding environments, making sure that trees aren't uprooted and that grass doesn't have to be replanted.

The pebble-like asphalt filters the water to another layer that allows it to slowly trickle into the soil below. The look of the permeable pavement is aesthetically pleasing, with a granulated surface that resembles a very fine cobblestone.