The Collages by Kate Tsurik Reinvent Iconic Cultural Images

 - Sep 18, 2013
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These pop culture collages by Kate Tsurik from Moscow take familiar icons and images and transforms them into commentary art pieces. Tsurik uses graphic design and illustration to create her collages using technology from the present and images from past to make up many of the images.

In one image we see a faceless overweight character among pictures of popular hamburgers and frozen treats. This image comments on our culture and the "fast-food nation" we have become. There is also an image of a pin-up girl where meat is seen in the background and is being fed to her. Again, this is reflecting on the food we eat and the advertisements that exist to sell us this unhealthy food.

With collages of images and hilarious comparisons, Kate Tsurik is able to make pop culture collages that become harsh critiques of modern society.