Dilo Bonito Gifts are Delivered with Patterns of Monochromatic Spots

 - May 19, 2015
References: bienal.mx & thedieline
Dilo Bonito gifts come in many forms: from flowers to cookies and candy. This endearing polka-dot packaging scheme was developed to bring some consistency to the appearance of the plethora of different products that are sent out by this delightful Mexican business.

To achieve beauty through simplicity was the challenge for Bienal Comunicación, so they opted to use just black and white, with the latter establishing a crisp and clean backdrop for the patterns and typography. The lettering is cute and curly, and it perfectly communicates its translation, which means "Say it Pretty."

The lesson that can be learned here from Dilo Bonito and its polka-dot packaging is that consistency is key. Particularly when there is great variety within the offerings of a business, the branding must be integrated with regularity in order to become recognizable to consumers.